I have recently returned from my fourth trip to Greece and again I walked away heart broken by the journey’s these refugees have taken.  I have come back with a bigger desire to raise awareness about refugees and who exactly they are.

Once again we met people who were once teachers, people who were working with companies to rebuild their country before they were targeted by the Taliban, teenagers longing for the chance to pursue an education, kids who have only ever known war, running, and trauma.

They all have one thing in common with us.

They are human and deserve to see their dreams come true. They deserve the opportunity to live in peace and not fear for their life.

I asked one of the refugees I met what he would tell the world if he had the chance to say anything he wanted. He said one word, “innocence“.

Refugees are innocent, his is a story that I don’t fully know because of the heart breaking depth.  He only shared  bits and pieces of his journey from Syria to Greece with me. From loosing family members to surviving torture, every detail broke my heart.



I was reminded that his story is just one in the sea of another 5.5 million Syrians that have fled their country.  All innocent. Dads and Moms who tried to stay as long as possible before being driven out of the country they have ever known for the safety of their family. Teachers, architects, students, lawyers who’s dreams have been put on hold so they can focus on survival.  Let us not forget the innocence of Refugee’s and that they are More than Numbers.

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