Meet the Founder!

Bridgetteheadshot2Our founder, Bridgette, has always wanted to do something bigger with her life. She has always had a heart for other cultures and when an opportunity to travel to Greece to work among Refugees during the height of the Refugee crisis arose, she jumped at the chance.

After that trip, she knew she had to go back so the second trip included leading a team and the third time included taking her six year old daughter with her. It was on the third trip after meeting numerous Refugee’s before and hearing their stories and seeing their needs that she knew this was the bigger thing for her life.

Bridgette set out researching non-profits that were working in Greece. She researched how to start a non-profit and at the start of 2018 bought a goal slaying planner and set out to slay her goal of starting a non-profit by the end of 2018.

Along the way God put people in Bridgette’s life that helped answer questions, challenged her, and ultimately lead her to Global Service Network. A non-profit organization that serves as an umbrella organization so other organizations can exist without having to worry about the administrative details.

Just six weeks after a phone conversation with Global Service Network, prayers, meetings with potential board members, and paper work, More than Numbers became official on April 9, 2018. A day Bridgette will never forget.

But she’s not in this journey alone!


This is Bridgette’s biggest cheerleader. The beside the scenes guy that keeps her grounded and encouraged her to keep pushing and start More than Numbers. He helped her set goals and continues to help her set them. Bridgette’s husband has traveled with her on two separate occasions and looks forward to more adventures together.


Bridgette’s other cheerleaders are her six year old daughter and four year old son. They keep her busy but her daughter’s passion for Refugee’s helps push Bridgette to want to do more. Her son’s interest in his mom’s work is growing as well!


One of Bridgette’s favorite memories from Greece is getting to see her daughter love on refugee children. Hope had the ability to break down the stone hearts with her smile and kindness. She brought hope to everyone she came in contact with and continues to push for meeting Refugee needs and welcoming them to the U.S.

Bridgette looks at the pictures of the Refugees she’s had the opportunity to meet and continues to read news about the Refugee journey and that is what drives her to dream bigger and work harder for More than Numbers.  When she’s not overseas among Refugee’s she is back home working toward scheduling speaking engagements and raising funds to meet more needs.

If you’d like to hear Bridgette speak leave us a comment or contact us on the contact form and we’ll work something out!

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