It’s not Over!

As I prepare information for presentations about the Refugee Crisis. I look back at the numbers from 2015/2016 when 10,000 people were hitting the shores of Greece every day and I’m thankful for the huge decrease we have seen.

But I’m troubled by the numbers that are appearing now. When I first started my research in January of this year the average number of people coming a week was only about 100.

The amount of Refugees hitting the shores of Greece increased by 231%.  Last week we saw 267 new refugees and this week we saw 883. (  The numbers are troubling as large scale organizations have started to pull out, yet the crisis continues.

refugee life jackets.jpeg

People will continue to come as countries continue to face war, especially Syria after the recent chemical attacks in Idlib, war continuing to rage in other Middle Eastern countries, persecution of Christians, and famine in African nations.

We have the capacity to do more and while there are two sides to the argument of welcoming Refugees into the America, the one thing we can do is give to organizations that are helping to provide funds and relief.

I am in the final stages of getting More than Numbers up and running as a non-profit and will be able to accept donations soon. Some of the needs we will meet are outlined below:

Provide MedicationProvide Medication       $50.00
Provide Clothing items       $75.00
Diaper a Baby for a month     $100.00
Provide Formula for a month      $125.00
Feed a family of four for a month     $300.00

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