Meet Kevin

Yazidi’s are a religious minority group that faced  genocide starting in August 2014 when ISIS fighters took over their city of Sinjar.  During this time more than 10,000 Yazidi’s were captured, 3,100 were murdered by gunshot wounds, beheading, and being burned alive.  7,000 women and girls were sold as sex slaves to ISIS fighters.*


This is Kevin a soft spoken father of seven, a Yazidi who once lived in Iraq before fleeing in an effort to provide a better life for his family.  Kevin’s 16 year old daughter and niece were kidnapped by ISIS.  Kevin worked and sold everything he owned in an effort to get both girls back.

Unfortunately, after giving everything he had to ISIS fighters neither girl was returned. Kevin hasn’t seen them again, we can only begin to guess their fate. Kevin left Iraq almost two years ago so that he can work toward getting his wife and their other six children out of a refugee camp.

When we met Kevin he was wandering around a local park picking mulberries off the trees. He was enthusiastic to share this delicious treasure with us.  He seemed to grateful to meet people that truly cared about him. People that took the time to befriend him and hear his story. People that cried with him, hugged him, and loved him.


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